3D art is probably my favorite kind of art, even though I can't make 3D stuff often. I currently only own and use the Mini Canine by Julia Winterpaw as a base to make my characters. In the future I hope to get a substance painter subscription and purchase more models for my characters. Currently I have only made less than 10 avatars in total, but making them was the most fun I've ever had with art. I chose my avatars I've uploaded to VR Chat to show here! In the future I hope to take requests, I will update here when I can!

Lily 1.0 was the first ever avatar I made. I just jumped right into it and started painting on the 3D model with no tutorials or anything. It was HORRIBLE but its still my character who I love. After less than a month I had learned how to use the program and remade her. Lily 2.0 is still not great, but I can take a crack at it when I have substance painter again. Lily 2.0 is still missing some things I wanted like stylized eyes, better ear painting, the fluffy tail add on (I need to buy it soooo bad), and a more consistant heart pattern. Despite all her flaws it still makes me super happy to have my character kinda come to life like this.

Nibbs was the last avatar I made (I THINK). He's my boyfriends fursona and I love how this one turned out. I do wish I'd put more effort into it but it's alright. I don't usually use him in public worlds because I've been asked multiple times about if its a portal character and I just don't know the answer to that!!! When I play with my boyfriend he uses Nibbs and it makes me super happy that he wants to use something I (kinda) made for him. I hope in the future he wants a more complex fursona design so I can go nuts with drawing him up a new one.