If you're reading this: haiiii haii haiiiiii :3c
This page is all about ME! I'm the type to totally give out all my personal information when asked so like.. ASK ME!!

I've been learning how to make these silly little websites since 2022. I started when I downloaded a firefox add on and it linked to someone's neocities as a support website. Their site was everything I was into at the time and I was so impressed that you could make something that is so YOU. I didn't really get far in making anything until December 2023 when I picked the hobby back up and got way into everything I used to be.

I'm autistic and I find it very hard to express myself through words, so instead I chose to make this to help get to know me. I really hope people like my site and all the different themes I'll put on different pages. I love to create and I want my creations to be loved.