What I did for Christmas this year [12/23/2023]

Last Wednesday I went out to my mom's for a Christmas party. Christmas is my favorite holiday so I've been waiting for this for weeks. I'd requested some things, so i knew partially what I would get, but there was some nice surprises too!

All we did that night was open gifts. The big gifts we opened were my niece's GIANT Pikachu and my brother's 150 chocolates. I got a pink crayon thermos, matching snack holder, an animal jam stationary set, sweaters leg warmers, and 20 dollars of unicorn coins in Animal jam (score!!!). Below is a picture of some of the gifts I got, on my awesome Among Us backdrop.

I also started a new collection, which was little animal figures. I have LPS, Animal Jam, and Polly Pocket right now. I LOVVEEE my little animal collection, I know for christmas I'll be getting even more of them but below is my CURRENT collection.

Real Christmas 12/25/2023

This morning I woke up VERY early at 5 am. I was so excited to start doing christmas stuff but no one else in my family seemed interested. I woke up my brother and we opened our gifts and ate popcorn. In total I got 24 Adopt-a-pet toys, an Animal Jam Culturefly box, 2 sets of Abatons, an Arctic wolf tin, a pack of AJ Trading cards, 2 Fashion Tags, a Chibi blocks, and 2 plush keychains. I really enjoyed opening my gifts evven though I did NOT get Shimmerway in my Adopt-a-pet case